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Until now the carbon fiber recycling industry has been struggling to produce high quality recycled carbon fiber in a cost effective process.  Most companies use a batch system and a pyrolytic process to produce recycled carbon fiber.  While this works, it is not cost effective and recycling companies cannot recycle enough to make it convenient to large consumers of carbon fiber.

To solve this Doug Griffin pioneered a continuous flow process that is designed to handle the toughest materials and operate 24/7, to get the costs of production down to a cost that opens up a market for recycled carbon fiber.

To recycle the types of carbon fiber waste large manufacturers have which, includes large 100lb blocks of expired prepreg carbon fiber, you need extremely powerful shredders and grinders. The preparation of the material, filtering out impurities and chopping it to a uniform size for reuse, even before it goes through the state-of-the-art reactor, is the key to creating a high quality recycled product.

Testing from Oak Ridge National Labs tested the output of chopped fiber at their new facility in Tazewell, TN at 98.5% pure, which is far higher than industry standards.  Recycled chopped fiber is selling for $3.50/lb. With virgin carbon fiber selling at $11/lb, manufacturers now have a new way of cutting costs, or could afford to use carbon fiber in their products to add strength and reduce the weight of their products.


Better quality and cost effective

Processing in large qualities, while exceeding industry standards in quality, and at a reduced cost brings a huge value to companies.  CFR can handle all carbon fiber waste from the manufacturing process.  Companies can arrange to deliver their waste to the facility, where it is sorted and processed.  They can eliminate 100% of their carbon fiber waste.

“Companies can recycle 100% of their carbon fiber waste, and we have the capacity to handle large quantities.”

-Doug griffin

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