Recycling Aerospace Prepreg Materials

April, 11 2022
Aeronautical Industry
carbon fiber recycling

Prepreg materials only have a limited shelf life before they are unusable. CFR can process and recycle expired cured and uncured prepreg materials. In our process, we recycle every aspect of your prepreg material. It all starts with the packaging that will be separated from the carbon fiber and recycled back into the appropriate markets. A few examples of this process are the cardboard box, and the core will be separated along with the paper and plastic. All these materials will be recycled, and nothing will go to waste. The cured carbon roll fiber will be reduced down to less than one inch in size and sent through our system. This guarantees that your intellectual property is destroyed and your material is ready to be recycled. After our recycling process is over, your prepreg material will become an unsized less than one-inch dry fiber prepared to be used to make another great product.

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