About CFR

About CFR

CFR started with a dumpster rental business and a quest to find recycling avenues for everything placed in them

Programs were set up to recycle easier things like scrap metals and wood wastes. Then focus moved to more difficult items like roofing and plastics.

Experiments with pyrolytic processes began in 2012 and included converting plastics to oil, and developing the only pyrolytic process to recycle roofing shingles.

We found carbon fiber could be economically recycled with continuous flow technology

Two pilot reactor systems were built at the dumpster business in Bethel Connecticut, with work on science and mechanical development in spare time. This allowed lab-based testing to prove out the systems, and became the foundation for a commercial scale operation.

Carbon Fiber Recycling’s first commercial plant was built in Tazewell Tennessee. After 18 months of construction and commissioning, and some challenging scaling issues, the commercial system came to life almost 10 years after our first experiments.


The Idea
First thoughts on pyrolytic processing technologies to create oil as world market prices become unstable.


Two pilot reactors built in Connecticut for initial pyrolytic experiments, producing positive results.


Founded Company
Carbon Fiber Recycling is created in Tennessee. Engineering work for best mechanical process begins.


First Product
First carbon fiber produced from the new facility in limited quantities. Commercial processing begins.

CFR’s patented technology recycles carbon fiber with near-zero emissions

What is most exciting is that we have solved both the environmental harm that carbon fiber landfill creates and the poor economics that recycled fiber has historically been plagued with.

We offer manufacturers of carbon fiber products the first of its kind, environmentally friendly alternative for excess and end of life materials. 

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