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What we do

We turn your carbon fiber waste into pristine usable fiber.


Our mission is to recycle 100% of your carbon fiber waste.  CFR can transform your waste into pristine short chopped fiber to be reused in the manufacturing process.  Hear how we do it.

Why choose us

We can repurpose 100% of your carbon fiber waste stream.

why us

Reducing landfill

When we accept your carbon fiber waste, none of it will go into the landfill.  We recycle 100% so you can proudly say that you do too.

We take all of your waste

We recycle dry fiber, pre-preg, and cured composites, as long as it contains at least 60% carbon fiber and no glass fiber. 

We resell carbon fiber

We sell our clean recycled fiber.



Why partner with CFR

We work with industry leaders


Companies choose CFR because we can continuously recycle carbon fiber in large quantities and have extremely powerful shredders and grinders that can handle the toughest materials at scale.


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