We recycle carbon fiber composite waste and supply clean rCR for new manufacturing. Carbon Fiber Recycling, Tennessee

CFR Client Testimonial: Carbon Fiber Remanufacturing

“Carbon Fiber Remanufacturing LLC (CFR-KS) since 2011 has been in the business of engineering and producing high performance and competitively priced carbon fiber reinforced nonwoven composite materials which have been carded, cross lapped, and needled. CFR-KS composite formulations utilize either reclaimed Carbon Fiber (rCF) or virgin Carbon Fiber (vCF).

Over the past six years, we have worked directly with Carbon Fiber Recycling (CFR-TN) by providing them with CF reclamation testing trials with a wide range of CF reinforced composite waste streams including composite materials and products from aerospace to pressure vessels, both cured parts and uncured and off-spec prepress. The progress CFR-TN has made over these years of development in the resulting quality of the rCF and in cost efficiencies of their technology and system processes has been nothing less than spectacular.

CFR-KS has carefully followed the developments of 15 or so composite recycling operations in Europe, Asia, and North America. CFR-TN is a clear standout in this critically important emerging industry to meet the demands for future recycling of autos, aircraft, spacecraft, marine vessels, wind power generation, building materials, recreation/sports products, and electronics which increasingly and speedily are converting to carbon fiber reinforced composites for its great strength and light-weighting and 100% recyclable on a repeating life cycle basis.

Manufacturing industries of every kind are rushing to utilise CF reinforced composite materials without a clear plan to process their products and structures at the end of their life cycle. CFR-TN is clearly the leading technology to provide each of those industries with a proven solution to avoid already bulging landfills around the world.”

Tony Guhr – Director, Carbon Fiber Remanufacturing LLC

How Companies Are Using Our Recycled Carbon Fiber

Recently Silca, a bike part manufacturer reached out to sample CFR’s recycled carbon fiber. CFR’s clean random chopped fiber averages 6mm in length and is used to fortify products. Silca was very impressed with their result and are now using CFR’s fiber in their manufacturing process.

Manufacturers are happy as they can improve the specs of their products at a much lower price point. They are also helping to keep carbon fiber out of the waste stream.

“Carbon fiber has great stiffness to weight properties.”



The banner on Silca’s website

Why CFR’s Carbon Fiber?

CFR creates its recycled carbon fiber by grinding up race cars, bike frames, aerospace carbon fiber waste, and filtering out all the impurities because the waste stream even enters the state-of-the-art reactor located in CFR’s new recycling facility in Tazewell, TN.  CFR’s carbon fiber is at least 95% pure and perfect for many manufacturing applications.

“Then we discovered CFR, a company that has been working to solve the carbon recycling solution for nearly 10 years and whose process has an exceptionally low footprint—orders of magnitude smaller than that required to produce new fiber.”

~ SILCA founder

Until now, recycled carbon fiber has been processed using a batch process which made it time consuming and expensive.  CFR is excited to offer a new choice to manufacturers that adds strength to their products at a competitive price point, and also keeping carbon fiber waste out of the landfills. 

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